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CROPHA appreciates that clinical research is not necessarily a consistent or constant factor for our customer CROs and pharmaceutical companies and that projects can vary in size and resource requirements. In order to allow you to efficiently run clinical studies without increasing headcount or contracting out the entire project, CROPHA's placement services provides temporary CRA resources, for as long as needed, at very competitive rates.


Recruitment of CRAs can be a long and expensive process. CROPHA's placement service assists customer CROs and pharmaceutical companies in accelerating this process by screening for both junior and experienced candidates for an ideal fit with specific your company culture and field of expertise

CRO Services
Open position - CRA

We are actively looking for motivated Clin...

GCP Training

1-day GCP Training (October 13, 2011)

CRA Training

6-day CRA Training Session (Dec 5, 2011)

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